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Weight Loss 

Losing weight is now simpler than ever!

Let our friendly and skilled staff show you.

Start working towards your goal today!

Weight loss

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Gam-Med Weight Loss

Your success is our success

Losing weight is now simpler than ever! Let our friendly and skilled staff show you. Start working towards your goal today!* We offer four programs to choose from to get you started in the right direction with losing those extra pounds. Give us a call today to find out more information. *Disclaimer: Each patient is unique, our program is focused on life style change to include a healthy diet, exercise and proper rest, there’s no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.


Transform Your Life with Gam-Med Weight Loss: Discover Our Comprehensive Services for Lasting Results!

Cool sculpting and Cavitation

CoolSculpting® | Cavitation 

This non-invasive procedure is popular because of its relatively low cost and quick recovery time. Gam-Med Weight Loss + Spa offers this solution to jump-start your healthier lifestyle with confidence as you will see immediate results.

Gam-Med Fat Burning Vitamin Shots

Our Fat Burning Shots are formulated with a powerful blend of nutrients, vitamins, and natural compounds that work synergistically to ignite your body's fat-burning potential. With this advanced solution, you can kick-start your metabolism, enhance your energy levels, and shed those stubborn pounds more efficiently than ever before.

B12 shot
Successful weight loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Are you searching for a comprehensive and medically supervised approach to achieve your weight loss goals? Look no further! At Gam-Med Weight Loss, we offer a specialized Medical Weight Loss program designed to provide you with the personalized care, guidance, and tools necessary for long-term success.

Nutrition Counseling

Are you looking for personalized guidance to fuel your weight loss journey and embrace a healthier lifestyle? Look no further! At Gam-Med Weight Loss, we offer comprehensive Nutrition Counseling to help you make informed choices, nourish your body, and achieve your wellness goals.

Organic Vegetables

Sherle James

I was skeptical. Today was my first time. No more worries now. Professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. No complaints from me.

Diana Strickland

I come to this place for weight loss services. The staff is so professional and nice. I’m also losing lots of weight! I definitely recommend Gam-Med for weight loss and urgent care services.

Bernice Mayo

They showed me a better way to diet and eat more healthier. There management plans are incredible affordable too.
Love it… I’m on this weight loss journey and it’s absolutely going awesome.. The nurses are very helpful and understanding. Within a month I have lost about 30 pounds. You want to lose go visit Glam Med you want be disappointed.

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